This project is maintained by ICGog

Welcome to the Flowlessly Page.

Welcome to the Flowlessly project. Flowlessly is a library that implements several minimum cost maximum flow algorithms. It currently supports:

Please follow the next steps in order to get Flowlessly up and running:

$ git clone https://github.com/ICGog/Flowlessly.git
$ cd Flowlessly
$ ./scripts/install_packages.sh
$ make
$ cd build
$ make
$ ./flow_scheduler --algorithm=successive_shortest_path --graph_file=path_to_graph_file

It currently only works with graphs represented in the DIMACS format.

Authors and Contributors

The project is currently maintained by @ICGog.

Support or Contact

Having trouble with Flowlessy? Check out the Documentation or contact ionel.gog@cl.cam.ac.uk and we will help you sort it out.